Bonus 2: Consumption Looks Very Different (4 months into COVID)

This episode we take a look at a handful of innovative businesses that pivoted to find success amidst COVID.
A time of crisis is also a time of opportunity.

In this COVID BONUS episode we look at how important it is for businesses to be nimble. The companies we look at:
- Yallmanac (a local business directory to help people find small businesses during the lockdown)
- Canlis (a Seattle restaurant that created 3 pop-up restaurants)
- Love Cyling (rented out their fitness bikes so riders could take virtual classes)
- Polywood (shifted production from outdoor furniture to PPE)
- Jackie Venson/DJ Mel (musicians who performed weekly live-stream concerts from their houses)
- Stay the F**k Home Bar (virtual Russian bar)
- Zelos (app that connects volunteers with senior citizens who need assistant during self-isolation)

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