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Bonus 2: Consumption Looks Very Different (4 months into COVID)

This episode we take a look at a handful of innovative businesses that pivoted to find success amidst COVID.

Episode 3: Josh Baker of AzulOx

Josh Baker is an Austin-based photography and creative artist who shot our wedding! And about 10 other fun shoots that involved a water hose in 40 degree weather and a bird perched on Ivy's head. We talk about early life of his photography business that started during the 2008 recession and get into his business reaction to COVID19. We dueled the podcast this time and you can find his podcast called Make Make Make at www.patreon.com/azulox. Our kids crash the party at the end. #RemoteWorking

Episode 2: Christy and Brad Dixon of HomesATX

We met Christy and Brad on our beer league softball team eons ago (also where we met!) and have been laughing ever since. The Dixons talked to us about their decision (controversial within their marriage) to form their own real estate business back in 2006. We discussed how working with your spouse is challenging and wonderful sometimes in the same day. They also dive into the ups and downs of the Austin real estate bubble and how it continues to impact HomesATX.

Bonus: Ivy and Dan Meehan (Covid Response Episode)

Small business are directly impacted by the spread of the Covid pandemic and we are wanting to continue our outreach conversations with those small businesses. Before we continue with social-distance-interviewing during this crazy time, we wanted to address where we stand as a business/podcast/family amid the pandemic. This is a shortened episode, but hopefully gives our listeners an insight into the 3 industries our work falls in: dynamic ticket pricing (Dan), film industry (Ivy), and web solutions (Twindeavor). Here's to making lemonade with these lemons!

Episode 1: Dr. Andrea Campaigne of Nurture OBGYN

Dr. Andrea Campaigne isn't just your run-of-the-mill OBGYN. She set out to form her own practice with the goal of giving care to women that leans on longer visits with her patience, better communication, and giggles along the way. She was the first human to meet our twins and was our champion, not only the day of delivery, but leading up to and since. What a gift. We talked with Andrea about her start in the medical industry (which surprisingly includes her BA in Art History from Columbia), the forming of her team at Nurture, the luck that coexists with savvy business moves when starting a business, her practices transition when merging with an Austin medical giant, and how owning a business impacts her family life.

LOCAL trailer

LOCAL: A podcast of conversations with small business owners. Listen to Dan and Ivy talk about the origins and inspiration of LOCAL and get a sneak peek of our first season's guests.

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